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Wheel Hardness, Size, and Profile

Wheels come in various sizes and densities.  The type of skating that is done and where the skating is done will determine what type of wheels you should have.

Wheel hardness is the first area that we will look at.  Wheel hardness determines longevity depending on the type of surface you find yourself skating on most often.  The table below will give you an indication as to what wheel hardness you will need.

Wheel Hardness
74A 82A 88A
Soft wheel used on smooth surfaces.  Wheel life will be average, there will be more grip with the surface, and the wheel will absorb a great amount of vibration. Moderately hard wheel that may be used on almost any surface.  Good for all-around use. Very hard wheel used on rough surfaces.  Wheel life is increased, there is less grip with the surface, and speed is increased.
* There are wheel hardness ratings of 76A, 78A, 80A, 84A, and 86A.  This table only reflects extreme hardness and softness and the median.


Wheel size will have the greatest affect on skating speed.  The larger the circumference of the wheel, the faster the skating speed.  The table below will give you an indication as to what size wheel is needed depending on the speed that the skater wants to achieve.
Wheel Size - Speed
64mm - Slow 72mm - Moderate 82mm - Fast
* There are wheel sizes of 66mm, 68mm, 70mm, 74mm, 76mm, 78mm, and 80mm.  This table only reflects extremes and the median.


Wheel profile is determined by the style skating that is most often done.  The chart below shows the four most common profiles and their most common use.

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