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The Legendary 1908 Team
Called "the finest team ever to come out of the South", the 1908 Tigers were 10-0-0 during the regular season in amassing a 442-11 edge in total points.  Members of the team were Coach Edgar Wingard, W.M. Pollack, Bob Smith, 
R.O. Gill, Pat Ryan, J.A. Albright, mascot David Reymond, John J. Seip, Mike Lally, Doc Fenton, Clarence Smith, 
R.F. Stovall, O.H. Noblet, W.A. Hillman, R.L. Stovall, Tommy Thomas, and Cap Gandy.

Tiger Stadium Before 1936
Prior to the 1936 season, LSU's Fighting Tigers played in a stadium that was bounded by only the current east and west sideline seating.

Tiger Stadium After 1936
Beginning with the 1936 football season, the north end zone of Tiger Stadium was enclosed.

Where Did "Mike" Come From?
The first live mascot appeared on the LSU campus in 1936 as a 9 year-old Royal Bengal Tiger purchased for $750 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The mascot was named after team trainer, Mike Chambers.

Mike III - A Good Omen
LSU's first tiger mascot passed away during the 1956 football season.  Mike II survived only the 1957 season and passed away in May of 1958.  Mike III was purchased from the Seattle Zoo by Athletic Director Jim Corbett with $1,500 raised by students.  He arrived just in time for the start of the 1958 National Championship season.

L.S.U. Fighting Tigers - 1958 National Champions
Paul Dietzel's platoon system of the Go Team, White Team, and Chinese Bandits became the only undefeated team in 1958.  On their way to an 11-0-0 record, the Tigers recorded four shutouts of opponents and had only one contest where an opponent scored more than 7 points -- that being a 50-18 pasting of Duke.