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I have had such a great time this summer meeting new people, going new places, and beginning a new adventure in life.  And the very best part of it is that I had no obligation on any day to do anything.  I have enjoyed it immensely!

But that does not mean that I have done nothing.  I have accomplished much and improved myself in every way imaginable -- physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually!  Intellectually, I have expanded my reading and writing enjoyment.  

A very dear friend of mine from the past says that writing and poetry are good therapy.  In fact, she's the subject of this little limerick.  Most limericks are usually silly little poems of fiction, but what makes this one unique is that it is true!!  I wish to thank her for providing me with such sound therapeutic advice!!

I once knew a gal -- we'll call her "Foray,"
who on her computer and webcam does play.
She takes nude pictures galore
from her head to the floor,
and via email send out and away.

And you see, this cyber-mom "Foray,"
believes life is only "to play."
She takes trips to see cybermen
or they come to her den,
for a superficial "roll in the hay."

This virtual babe, "Foray,"
still collects her trophies today.
I'm sure most don't know
how far with others she does go,
and believe me, it's not just hearsay.

This traveling coquette "Foray,"
will all but skip the foreplay.
She'll accept gifts all the while
with a sexy, fellatio smile,
but her intention is never to stay.

This two-faced woman "Foray,"
will then ironically make you pay.
For if you catch her at her game, 
it is YOU who she will blame,
and never speak to you forever and a day.

So if you run into this "Foray,"
and with her you are invited to play
with fur-lined handcuffs and feathers,
enjoying lotions, toys, and leathers--
Have your fun -- but after, run away!

For those who can't believe that this is true and require evidence of these occurrences, photographs and transcripts of "Foray's" cybersex dialogue with various cybermen are available upon request.  Send all inquiries to

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